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Sample Sites We Handled

This is a coming out party. Seven years of experience are scattered across three seasons of life.

Season One

My employer's corporate site. From 1999 until spring 2004 I was the web master, web designer and web developer for my employer, a privaely owned goernment contractor involved with Computer Systems Integration and Audio - Visual arenas. The web site was a small static HTML site when I started learning how to maintain the site. At the point in time my illness (more on this here) forced me to stop working, I had totally re-designed the site three times, the final version being in Microsoft ASP. The site was around 300 pages in size and while we did not conduct online commerce, I had established a dummy commerce site in case we were to move that direction.

I also created a second site for my employer for a subsidiary business focused on home networking.

For about five years, I was web master for my church. I grew the site from around 60 pages to something in the range of 700 pages, redesigning the site three tiimes. Due to hositng limitations, the final version of the site was a database driven site using PHP and MySql.

During this same period, my famly and I took a year "off" from our church to help plant a new church in the area. I acted as webmaster for this church as well. While the site was not large, the web site went live about two months before the church did. Much of the early site was Flash driven.

Season Two

I have spent much of the last two years fighting pain management issues. You can read more about this on my ministry site, Jude Ministries.

During this period I continued to maintain two web sites. One is the small site for my wife's law firm. This site accurately reflects her, her practice, and the way she lives her life. If you are looking for a simple site, this is a good basic model to follow. The site is

Around 2000 I started my own ministry site. I love to teach God's Word and I have written the materials for teaching a variety classes at my church. Jude Ministries ( offers a plat form whereby I may offer these materials to others for their use and edification. The original site was pure HTML. The first year I was off work, I re-worked the site into a dynamic site that is CSS / XHTML based, using PHP and MySql.

Season Three

I am pleased to offer my experience and services to the public. I offer this site and my family's speaking site as examples of my ASP.Net work. Both are written in ASP.Net 2.0, using, as needed,  Visual Basic.Net 2.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The family site is at