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The World -- or just the Office

When people speak of the web, they usually are thinking about the world wide web, the "www" of the site addresses we type into our browsers.  This is the Internet, a collection of wide area networks spread across the globe, inter-connected so that we can all view sites in England, Asia, and the US, regardless of our physical locations.

When we speak of businesses having a website, we are usually talking about a presence on this huge network called the Inernet.

The is another wonderful use of the technology that powers the world wide web. This technology is not restricted to the worldwide communications network.  A company, whether it be a small local one office organization or a multi-office, international conglomerate may operate its own network, or series of networks. One of the benefits  of the browser technology that powers the Internet is that we can use this same technology on the Company network. We refer to such a usage as an Intranet, a network related solely to the company or some division of the organization.

Let us design an Intranet for you.  By use of a content management system, we can give you full control over the content on your Intranet.  Publish your HR policies, your sales training materisla, and other important corporate documents and information.

Keep your employes informed. Magnify your company today, by making the company available to all of your employees.  Let us build your Intranet now!