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Who are we?

Like all of us, there are a lot of answers to such a question.

While I tend to write in the plural, we are one -- at least at this point.

So, who are we, or who am I?

I have been hanndling web sites since 1998 when I started learning HTML in order to take over my then employers site. I worked for a small, privately owned governement contractor whose business involved IT and audio-video technology. The web site was a static set of maybe a dozen or so page. Under my watchful eye, the site was enlarged to around 300 pages. We were large enough to have a wide range of skills, so there was a great need for diversity on the site to display all of the avenues of sales and support that our company could offer.

I also started a small Christian focused website, a site with an eye on discipleship.

At the same time, I became the webmaster for my church. Again, I grew the site from a static small site to one that included summaries of Sunday messages and Sunday school lessons. During this period, my family took about a year "off" to help plant a new church. I acted as webmaster for this church as well. The original site for this new church plant went live about two months before we opened to the public and contained a substantial amount of Flash material.

Although I consider myself to be more of a developer than a designer, I essentially did all of the design and art work for all of these sites. As such I have a well-rounded back ground in all facits of web application creation. The company site was re-designed at least twice during the period of 1999-to-2004, the final version being ASP driven. Because of hosting limitations, the two church sites were written in PHP with a MySql backend for the larger site.

I am currently certified by Mircosoft in Visual Basic.Net Web development. I have expeirence in VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, PHP, HTML and XML. My database experience includes Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005, MySql, and Microsoft Access.

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