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My Pain -- My Crowd

The Pain Crowd

I have batteled cronic pain for several years. A disucssion of my history maybe found on my ministry website, Jude Ministries.

The short story is that over the past four-to-five years I have fought tremendous pain issues. First my legs and back attacked me, then after a "successful surgery," I awoke with pains in my rump, groin, and heal. Even following a second operation, these are still my close "friends."

In my case, the doctors do not know the cause of the pains. Despite a variety of pills and needles, as well as the second back surgery, no one has been able to cure my pains, nor reduce their level, so like many of you I live on prescription medicines to deal with the pain.

My goal is to shortly establish a community website where we may share and help each other. If you have any thoughts about myPain -- myCrowd, send me a note via the contact form.

Microsoft has established a developer's program which allows me to work my permanent job as a teacher but still have access to development tools. This is a wonderful opportunity and while my available time is limited because of pain, church obligations, and my real employment, I have spent the past year developing My Pain - My Crowd and hope within the next year to be very close to bringing this extended social site live. The Microsoft Program is called BizSpark and I offer my thanks to Microsoft.

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Until then, keep the faith and pray.