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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
You WILL Get Internet Explorer 7!

 Microsoft has announced, via its blogs, that the company will use Automatic Update to distribute the new Internet Explorer 7 upon its release the end of this year. Automatic Update will notify the customer of this particular change via a Welcome page. This page will allow the user to accept, postpone or decline the move to the upgraded web browser.

Apparently Microsoft views the security features of the new browser as being "critical" calling for the pushing of this new browser upon all the world using Windows. I would think there is reasonable logic behind such a view. Without the update service most people are too lazy or too frightened of keeping up to date to check for important changes.

Microsoft has learned from its past errors, however. This explains the Welcome screen with the options to postpone or decline the upgrade. In addition, the company is issuing a blocking tool that will prevent Automatic Update from downloading the upgrade. This tool is designed for the business enterprise setting so companies do not end up in a situation where people upgrade before the company is ready or where they have some people upgrading and others not.

All-in-all it seems like Microsoft is taking a reasonable approach this time around.

The blog entry can be read here. It includes screen shots of the Update screens.

Jim A.


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