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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Web 2 and Beyond - or Falling Back?

Web 2.0 -- it is here now and it is the future. Depending upon the speaker, Web 2.0 is a lot of different things. The new sites have looks like Digg and flickr. They use new tools like Ajax and mashups. Web 2.0 is the process of moving the desktop to the world wide web network.

It is really cool and neat and all of that geeky stuff. It is also scary as all of your electronic possessions become scattered across a zillion websites.

The interesting thin about Web 2.0 is that everyone is for it and no one is against it. Well, blogs are part of Web 2.0 and the blog world is for it. No one speaks against it. Yet, . . . 

There is the occasional rare descenting voice. For example, I refer you here, to Spun, where the fears of a scattered being are discussed. What I find so amazing is that there are not more posts concerning the potential fears and issues of Web 2.0.

We live in fear of identity theft. Except currently, for us, this means someone stealing our social security number, our checking account info, our credit card details. There is more to your idenity than just these numbers. All of those pictures, all of that writing, those documents your create for work and home, these things make up who you are, your idenitity. Just look at the vast amount of non-financial details that may be found on sites such as MySpace. This is you.

Web 2.0 is a developers dream. Lots of geeky toys to play with for creating web pages. The overall concept is to move the desktop to the web. You can connect to yourself, errr, I mean your data, from any computer in any location. What are you giving up?

Who runs the servers? How safe is your data, your pictures? Look at the issues from MySpace. Now, consider all of us hanging our entire electronic life out to dry on a multitude of servers when we do not know where they are, who is running them, how they are backed-up, and who has access to them.

We purchase all of these virus killers, spam filters, firewalls, and other protections to keep people away from our desktops and laptops, then we freely place all of this information out into the ether for everyone to find.

Seems to me like we have this backwards.

If you are not yet concerned, Henry Fuecks has an interesting response to Spun on the SitePoint blog concerning the issue of power. More to chew on.

Have a nice day. I am off to gather tea leaves so I can rule the world. :>}

Jim A


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