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Thursday, July 13, 2006
Need Some Good Books?

Apress publishes some of the finest books in the programming, web development area. They cover all of the languages as well as databases and othher languages. The Apress offering covers all of the languages, other programing languages such as PHP, databases, and many other related topics.

I have found these books to be some of the best on the market. They are well written and usually contain a wealth of examples and code samples.

Apress has currently combined with Barnes and Noble to present a selection of books at 40% off. This deal is available, as I understand it, both in the stores and online here.

The disclaimer: I have not interest in either Barnes and Noble or Apress. I do like the books and am excited by the pricing of this special offer, so if you are just starting out and desire to learn a new language or tool, or are in need of a reference book for your shelf, this is the time to add to your library.

see you at the bookstore!

Jim A


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