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Saturday, August 26, 2006
End of Summer

How much do you like computers? Or kids?

I just spent a week at the beach -- no Internet, no laptop, just a few books to read and chairs to sleep in for long naps. A wonderfully quiet time of relatzation and I did not even miss the computer. Might be abnormal for a geek, but then, maybe I am not a geek.

However, I do enjoy computers, writing applications, creating web apps, and building new systems. If you have read my Jude Ministries site, you will know that I have been battling pain issues for several years now.Those issues have presented a variety of challenges, not the least of which has been the inability to work for over two-and-a-half years since I can neither sit nor focus for very long.

One of the benefits of the couple of weeks leading up to the beach along with the week at the beach, is that God used this time to ease my pain to the extent that my stamina has started to come back and my focus is clear. So, upon return from the beach, I committed to something not expected. I agreed to teach school!

The Christian School connected to our church was in need of a part-time computer teacher. Seemed perfect for a come-back. Except for the students --

I get to teach everyone from Kindergarten to eighth grade. So, this will be a real challenge as well as an opportunity to influence several decades of potential computer geeks.

Maybe they will be like me and like a week at the beach without the computers.

Then again, maybe not.

Jim A


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