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Tuesday, July 4, 2006
Getting Started

The world needs another web designer -- Not you must be thinking. Seems like every time you meet someone, they do web work, at least for themselves and one friend.

So, why, you ask, do we need a new designer / developer?

The answer sits firmly on the foundation of the designer's work. I am not THE expert in any field, let alone web design. Most businesses do not need, nor could they afford the expert.  What I can offer is a firm belief that I am preparing your site not just for you but for God.  My belief is that everything I undertake is done for the glory of God.

Now, whether you believe in my God or not, you can well understand that if there is a God, you would want to do everything possible to bring Him glory. That is my goal. I will not instill God into your site (unless you ask me to). However, the work will be done in a fashion that will bring glory to God and magnify your website.

By this I mean it will be good work -- on time -- at a reasonable price -- following the directions you set forth. This is your business we are displaying on the web, not mine. You know best. I just convert you desires to a good looking, functional website.

Or, if you need a custom desktop program, the same principles apply. The work will be good, on time, and in line with the price considerations we agree upon.

So, does the world need another web designer? Yes it does, when the purpose of the that designer is to magnify your business and bring glory to God.

See you soon.

Jim A.


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